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Marc Anthony’s Foundation Opens Fourth Orphanage


Marc Anthony’s Foundation Opens Fourth Orphanage

Marc Anthony’s Foundation Opens Fourth Orphanage


Marc Anthony’s philanthropic efforts continue with his organization Maestro Cares.

With the help of his foundation, the singer has opened up his fourth orphanage, taking to Instagram to post the news stating, “70 girls in #Toluca #Mexico will now have a home. Celebrating the opening of the new Girls orphanage.”

Source: Instagram

The Latin star also shared a photo of the ribbon-cutting ceremony along with the caption, “These are the things that fulfill my soul! So happy to celebrate the opening of a new Girls orphanage in Toluca, #Mexico. #MaestroCares ¡Estas son las cosas que me alegran el alma! Muy feliz de inaugurar un nuevo orfanato para niñas en #Toluca. @maestrocares.”

Anthony, 47, started Maestro Cares in 2012 with entrepreneur Henry Cárdenas. According to the foundation’s website, it aims “to benefit homeless and neglected children in developing Latin American countries.”

“Maestro Cares seeks to offer assistance to these children while supporting social services and other development programs.”

The organization also has a large focus on education. Cárdenas states, “Our mission is to help Latin American children in creating healthy and safe environments, but a major priority is also supporting their academic needs. Education is key for Maestro Cares because it will bring the children closer to their dreams. They are our future leaders.”

Keep up the inspiring work Marc!

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