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The Inside Scoop on Ryan Lochte’s Engagement


The Inside Scoop on Ryan Lochte’s Engagement

The Inside Scoop on Ryan Lochte’s Engagement


Over the weekend Olympic swimmer and Dancing With the Stars contestant Ryan Lochte popped the question to his model girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid.

The pair took a helicopter ride over Los Angeles, landing on a Malibu hillside where Lochte proposed. He and his bride-to-be shared their special moment to social media.

Memories forever!!! #thelochtes #LA

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After Lochte’s performance on DWTS on Monday, he spoke with Good Morning America, dishing out details of the proposal. “I practiced it so many times in my bathroom. I had my suit and my jacket on and I was pulling the ring out and getting down and the words and everything was perfect but when it actually happened, I couldn’t get the ring out of my pocket and then I was stumbling on all the words and clammy.”

It all worked in the end, Lochte revealing, “I finally got the courage to say, ‘Will you marry me?’ And she said yes and then I was like, ‘Yes! My life is complete.'”

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